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COLOUR AND LIGHTNESS QUALITIES OF DIGITAL IMAGES Friends  in this post i am going to talk about the colors used in digital images or the images we get from digital machines.   So let us start The following terminology is helpful to know when learning about the types of digital images. TONAL RANGE  – It is also called dynamic range.  This term refers  to dark to light ranges or values in an image usually refered to as shadows midtones and highlights.  An image that contains all or most of the possible tones, rather than a smaller portion of the possible tones, Usually appeared  more details and said to have larger tonal range or dynamic range.   Tones may also reffered to as levels or intensities. BRIGHTNESS LIGHTNESS LUMINOSITY LUMINANCE   - These terms refer to dark to light tonal characteristics, as opposed to color characteristics.  They can be thought of as describing the image as if the colors had been converted to blacks grays and whites Hue – it i


MOTHERBOARD AND ITS FORMS The largest and most important circuit board in the computer is the motherboard.   This is also called as the main board or the system board.   The motherboard contains a socket to hold the CPU; the cpu is the component which most processing takes place. The motherboard is the most complicated piece of equipment inside the case because all devices must be communicates with the CPU installed on the motherboard.   All devices in a computer are either installed directly on motherboard or indirectly linked it to by expansion cards.   A device i.e. not installed in the motherboard is called a peripheral device. Now we will discuss something about form factors of motherboard. Form factor refers to the size and layout of motherboards.   As we think not all motherboards are alike.   In fact there is a significant difference in the capabilities and size of different motherboard form factors such as Mini –ITX and ATX.   This topic covers motherboard


HARDWARE COMPONENTS- INPUT AND OUTPUT COMPONENTS In this topic we discuss the major hardware components of a microcomputer system, which are used for input, output, processing, storage, electrical supply and communication.   Most input and output devices are outside the computer case.   Most processing and storage components are contained inside the case.   The most important component in the case is the central processing unit (CPU) is called the processor and microprocessor.   As its name implies, the device is central to all processing done by the computer.   Data received by input devices is read by the cpu , and output from the cpu is written to output devices.    The cpu writes data and instruction in storage devices and performs calculation and other data processing.   Whether inside or outside the case and regardless of the function the device performs,   each hardware input, output, or storage device require these elements to operate: A method for the CP


GENERAL FEATURES OF WINDOWS 7 Every living being has some common general features that distinguish them among other living beings.   Features mean properties that uniquely identify   them from others.   This applies to living as well as non living things on earth.    I am going to show few of them. So let’s begin. We are going to discuss about some features of   Windows 7 ·               The New TaskBar – The taskbar is located at the bottom of the windows desktop.   By default when an application opens You will see its icon appear in the Taskbar.   However,   when the application is closed, the icon goes away.   For commonly accessed application, users can place a permanent icon on either the Taskbar or in the Start menu.   This is referred as “pinning”.   To pin a program to the task bar, once the application is open, right click its icon and select pin this   program on a taskbar.   If you want to rearrange the location at the taskbar just drag the item to the de


WINDOWS 8.1 MOBILITY AND SECURITY IMPROVEMENTS Friends i am going to say something about improvements and security improvements of windows 8.1 over windows 8.   So let’s get started. So let’s get started with mobility improvements Mobility improvements Virtual private network:   a number of vpn clients and the microsoft vpn clients are supported by the windows 8.1.   So let’s understand what vpn is.   vpn is a technology to or to say a type of connection method to provide security and privacy to the user of private as well as public networks.   Many organization as well as user want their data should be protected and this is when vpn provides. Mobile broadband: the embedded wireless radio is supported by the windows 8.1which helps to improve power efficiency and reduces the size of some devices. Broadband tethering:   windows 8.1 devices can be changed into wifi hotspot. Auto triggered virtual private network:   when an application requires the comp