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Friends i am going to say something about improvements and security improvements of windows 8.1 over windows 8.  So let’s get started.

So let’s get started with mobility improvements

Mobility improvements

Virtual private network:  a number of vpn clients and the microsoft vpn clients are supported by the windows 8.1.  So let’s understand what vpn is.
 vpn is a technology to or to say a type of connection method to provide security and privacy to the user of private as well as public networks.  Many organization as well as user want their data should be protected and this is when vpn provides.

Mobile broadband: the embedded wireless radio is supported by the windows 8.1which helps to improve power efficiency and reduces the size of some devices.

Broadband tethering:  windows 8.1 devices can be changed into wifi hotspot.

Auto triggered virtual private network:  when an application requires the company intranet access, windows 8.1 can also trigger a vpn connection.

Security improvements

Remote business data removal: 

To classify and flag corporate files and to differentiate from the user files we can use the remote business data removal with windows 8.1 and windows server 2012 r2.   With such classification, the remote wipe feature available with windows 8.1 device which may not remove the user data while securing the corporate data by securing or removing.
 Improved biometric : 

There is a vast improvement has been done in windows 8 in the area of biometrics.  This has got windows sign in, remote access and user account control along withthe configuration of biometric authentication to enable Window Store Access

              Pervasive device encryption:

By default device encryption is enabled and the additional bit locker can be configured and additional management  capability on the Pro and Enterprise editions of:

Windows 8.1 can be enabled.  When we use a Microsoft account when the deice will automatically be encrypted and protected by Windows 8.1.

 Malware resistance

Network- behaviour monitoring is included in to the Windows Defender to help to detect and prevent the execution of known and unknown malware.

   Device Lockdown

The assigned access feature enables the user to restrict the Windows Store application experience on a device to a specific subset of apps, or even  single app, which could be either a line of business app in a kiosk scenario, or a set of educational apps for children in a school setting.


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