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MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTER SCIENCE RELATIONSHIP. In today’s world mathematics is a must learned subject .   In all the inventions and discovery , the main reason for their success of the practical’s are due to mathematics.   So in order to make a career in today’s world require mathematics.   But this Is blog of computers science and information technology, then why should we read mathematics so it requires mathematics to understand the reason behind such technology.   So I am going to write something about mathematics for its uses and technology in the computer world. One of the main aims of logic is to provide rules by which one can determine whether any particular argument or reasoning is valid (correct) Logic is concerned with all kinds of reasoning whether they be legal arguments or mathematical proofs or conclusions in a scientific theory based upon a set of hypothesis.   Because of the diversity of their application these rules are called rules of inference,


We live in a world where every field requires use of computers.   But computers need data to process the output.   This data can be gathered with the help of internet.    The internet uses World Wide Web to gather data.   So the user must know the basics of the internet.   So I am going to acknowledge the basic parts where and how the computer uses internet.   I am going to discuss about OSI layers. Osi means open system interconnect   and was invented by ISO (INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM OF ORGANIZATION) which is an institution who manages giving standardization of the products to be manufactured.   It was invented by iso in 1984.   The use of iso in networking terms is to provide networking standardization of frame work   for implementing network protocols to be used in seven layers. The seven layers breaks down the process of communication into smaller and easier to handle independent categories.   Before osi different networking vendors couldn’t communicate with each other.   A