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Friends in the last post i tried to say something about computer science and mathematics relationship.  Now i am going to say something about processor and hyperthreading.  So let’s get started.

The Physical Component By Which A Computer Is Mde Which We Can See, Touch And Feel Is Called Computer Hardware Example Ram, Motherboard.
·         INPUT DEVICE  : These hardware are used to input any data, instruction on command insidea computer device.  example keyboard mo9use scanner microphone, webcam etc
·         OUTPUT DEVICE:  these hardware are used to get any output from a computer system.  example: monitor, printer, speaker.
·         CENTRAL PROCESSIG UNIT (CPU): This Device Proceses All Instruction Given By A User, And It Also Other Haqrdwqaar Peripherals Example  :Microprocessor
·         MOTHERBOARD: It is the main electric circuit board which is made by a pcb(printed circuit board).  It hods all hardware components and provide interface to those component by which they can communicate with each other.
·         MEMORY: These hardware are used to storedata temporarily on permanent.  these are two types
o   PRIMARY MEMORY:- These Memories Are Direclty Accessed By A System Cpuit Does Not Need Any Third Controller To Occur This Memory Example :- Ram , Rom
o   SECONDARY MEMORY:- A cpu needs additional computer to access this memory.  They are basically storage device. Example:- hard disc, cd-dvd, pendrive, sd cards etc.
·         POWER SUPPLY UNIT (PSU):-  This Unit Convert Alternating Current To Direct Current And Provides A Regulated Popwer Supply To All Hardware Peripherals Example :- Switch Mode Power Supply.

All the above is written by me is to acknowledge you about the primary technology of the computer peripherals.  Now i am going to tell you about the cpu and its secondary technology.

A cpu contains single or multiple processsing chips.  These chips are made by silicon.  A chip takes three hundrede steps to be manufacture. A processing containing single chip is known as single core processor .

In dual core it contains two chips that means it have two processor in a package.  In quadcore it contains four chip and show on more numbers o chips gives better performance and reduces processing delay.

It is a feature of certain intel processor that makes one physical cpu and appears two logical cpu.  It uses additional registers two overlap two instruction which achieve an appropriate thirty percent gain in performance.

Multi threaded applications take advantage of hyperthreading .  But it cannot rival with the performace achieved by a true dual core processor it was introduced by intelwiht their prentium four processor and reffered as “ht” technology.

This technology is supported by syistem software to take advantage.  Most of the todays operating system such as windows and linux aree capable of dividing their workload among multiple processors. This is called symmetric multi processing (smp).


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