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 REGISTERS AND ITS USES IN COMPUTER WORLD. “In this life, all we have is memory! ” This exclamatory sentence is used by many film makers in their dialog.  So does it actually mean something to them?  Yes it definitely means everything to them and us.  That’s why they show them in their cinema (movie, film whatever you say).  Memories mean everything that is stored in our brain after we experience it and then use it as a lesson for life  or entertainment purpose. Humans as well as all living beings do that.  But our topic is  “WHAT ARE REGISTERS? WHY DO COMPUTERS NEED THEM?” So here we begin. The discrete elements of information in a digital computer must have a physical existence in some information storage medium.  Furthermore, when discrete elements  of information are represented in binary form, the information storage medium must contain binary storage elements for storing individual bits.   A binary cell is a device that possesses two stable states and is capable of storing one bi


DETAILED ARTICLE ON BIOS AND ITS COMPONENTS Today i am going to discuss something about bios( basic input output system).  So lets get started. A computers basic input output system (bios) is a embedded software on a motherboard.  It is the first software a pc loads to use components such as cd drives, mouse keyboard practically the moment you turn it on. The bios is responsible for controlling or managing low-level but extremely important process like  the power on self test.  It is the boot process and the interaction of components on the motherboard.   the topic will help you to flash (update) you bios by taking right precautions and have a walk through each step.  Not all computers have the same bios manufacturer, let alone the same exact process,  but they all share steps and precautions. UPGRADING THE SYSTEM BIOS When the system was designed, the bios program code will work with all specific devices.  As the computer technology changes we need to update its capabilities .  Genera


LOGIC OF COMPUTER IN PAPER AS WELL AS PRACTICAL USE We always use logic in every day matters, so do the machines.   But we were taught by experiences we count and the people we trust and these things matters most because it will help in dark times.   But to make the machine understand the logic is very hefty work. But this is certainly not impossible.   In order to understand logic we use integrated circuits.   But to do this we need to design the integrated circuits on paper.   This requires certain rules of algebra.   This I am going talk about the rule of an algebra called the duality principal. It states that every algebraic expression deducible from the postulates of Boolean algebra remains valid if the operators and identity elements are interchanged.   In a two value Boolean algebra, the identity elements and the elements of the set B are same 1 and 0.   The duality principal has many applications.   If the dual of an algebraic expression is desired, we simply