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DIGITAL COMPUTERS Today computers are used extensively in every day life.  It is used in basic as well as industrial, scientific and commercial purposes.  Our space program would not have been well developed without the real time monitoring of the machine of the spacecraft which was going to land on moon or any other planet of the scheduled program or launching of satellites on the orbit of earth. This is the scientific purpose i told you about while it has commercial purposes.  Like automatic data processing which the business enterprise uses. It has many works in educational purposes for example multiple choice question answers can be checked without any error and then the results can be printed out automatically with the help of the printer which is connected to the digital computer.   Digital computer are also used in air traffic control to control the aviation industry to help them control the planes by sending them data about the distance between the planes and t


ALGEBRA IN COMPUTERS Algebra is a subject in which the problem of the sum is solved with the help of letters (I mean the letters of English language as well as Greek language).  It is mostly used by the mathematicians, engineers, scientist as well as businessmen to solve any problem of the world.  Algebra is very important in many science as well as commerce studies.  So we are going to dig deep in algebra used in computers. We will consider Boolean algebra as it is used by the computers to solve real life problems.  So let us begin. Boolean algebra, like any other     mathematical system , may be with a set of elements , a set of operators and a number of unproved axioms or postulates.    A set of elements is any collection of objects having a common property.  If S is a set and x is an element of that set the x€ S denotes that x is an element of that set.   A set with de-numberable (means a small number) number of elements is specified by braces:  A={1, 2, 3, 4} tha


LOGICAL DESIGN OF FUNCTION OF INTEGRATED CIRCUITS A binary variable or called as two value variables can take the value of 0 or 1.  A Boolean functions or named as two variable function is an expression formed with binary variables, the two binary operators OR and AND, the unary operator NOT, parenthesis, and equal sign.  For a given value of the variables to made it as good and thorough, the function can be either 0 or 1.  Consider, for example, the Boolean function:                                                  F1 = xyz’ The function as shown above F1 is equal to 1 if x = 1 and y = 1 and z’ =  1; otherwise F1 = 0.  The above is an example of a Boolean functions represented as an algebraic expression.  A Boolean function may be represented in a truth table.  To represent a function of a truth table we need a list of 2^n combination of 1s and 0s of the n binary variables and a column showing the combinations for a function equal to 0 or 1. As shown in Table below, th