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FILE SYSTEM AND FORMATING In this post i am going to teach you about various types of file system and formating used in computers. So lets start. The file system dictates how information is organized on the disk.   For example, the file system determines hjow large the allocation unit, or storage unit, the file is.   The following sections introduce the different file systems available and the os’ s that support them. The FAT FILE SYSTEM – the file allocation table (fat) file system has been the most popular file system up until the last few years.   The file system is designed for the small disk and simple folder structures.   it resides in the beginning of the system. It keeps two copies of the data in its table as back up so that if any copies become corrupted it can cure that corruption.   The file allocation table along with the root folder should be kept on fixed position so that boot files can be perfectly located.   The file allocation table (fat)


PROCESSOR AND HYPERTHREADING Friends in the last post i tried to say something about computer science and mathematics relationship.   Now i am going to say something about processor and hyperthreading.   So let’s get started. The Physical Component By Which A Computer Is Mde Which We Can See, Touch And Feel Is Called Computer Hardware Example Ram, Motherboard. ·          INPUT DEVICE   : These hardware are used to input any data, instruction on command insidea computer device.   example keyboard mo9use scanner microphone, webcam etc ·          OUTPUT DEVICE :   these hardware are used to get any output from a computer system.   example: monitor, printer, speaker. ·          CENTRAL PROCESSIG UNIT (CPU) : This Device Proceses All Instruction Given By A User, And It Also Other Haqrdwqaar Peripherals Example   :Microprocessor ·          MOTHERBOARD: It is the main electric circuit board which is made by a pcb(printed circuit board).   It hods all hardware component


What is windows to go? Windows to go is an important deployment option in windows 8.1 and above.   Windows to go assist to deploy the windows 8.1 enterprise to a specialy prepared usb storage device and then use this usb storage to start any compatible computer.   when a windows to go device is started on a new computer, the boot process detects the computer hardware and installs appropriate drivers.   when the same windows to go to start a same computer, then windows to go starts normally automatically by loading the appropriate drivers.   It stores the hardware configurations of multiple computers. Windows to go restriction Windows to go functions in a way that is very similar to a traditional windows 8.1 desktop deployments, but with the following restrictions: ·          In the windows to go default setting sleep and hibernation is disabled.   The functionality can be enabled by configuring group policy but it can lead to data corruption. ·          As