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ALL ABOUT LASER PRINTER This printer is also known as page printer because they receive their print job one page at a type.   There are two major types of laser printer 1)       The first use a laser to scan the image on two a organic photo conductive drum (OPC) 2)       The second use an array of led to create the image on the drum.   Xerox invented this printer in 1971 but the first laser printer was introduced y hp in 1984. BASIC COMPONENTS Tonner cartridge :Tonner is a black carbon substance mixed with polyster resin to make it flow better and iron oxide particles to make it sensitive to electrical charge.   Tonner contain a medium called developer which carries the tonner until it is used by the EP(Electro photography) process. The tonner also contains the opc drum.   The drum is coated with a photo sensitive material that hold a static charge unless it is exposed to light.   The drum also contains a cleaning blade known as doctor blade. That continuousl