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Folks today i am going to say something about an output device called monitor.   As maximum people know about monitors so i am going to write few things about monitor much of the information you know but i am going to say some few words hence please be with me. Monitor is a primary output device.   It displays all current process application and data i.e. Running inside a computer system.   A standard monitor uses an analog vga interface, which plugs into a tp15 vga connector to a mother board.   There are two types of monitor technology available to the market. CATHODE RAY TUBE (CRT MONITOR) This monitor is fading in popularity but still in widespread use with older computer systems.   It is analog standard monitor a crt uses a picture tube that was used in older tube based tv sets.   The narrow end of the picture tube contains an electron gun it emits 3 electron beams one each for red, green and blue light.   The front end of the picture tube is coated with phos


COLOUR AND LIGHTNESS QUALITIES OF DIGITAL IMAGES Friends  in this post i am going to talk about the colors used in digital images or the images we get from digital machines.   So let us start The following terminology is helpful to know when learning about the types of digital images. TONAL RANGE  – It is also called dynamic range.  This term refers  to dark to light ranges or values in an image usually refered to as shadows midtones and highlights.  An image that contains all or most of the possible tones, rather than a smaller portion of the possible tones, Usually appeared  more details and said to have larger tonal range or dynamic range.   Tones may also reffered to as levels or intensities. BRIGHTNESS LIGHTNESS LUMINOSITY LUMINANCE   - These terms refer to dark to light tonal characteristics, as opposed to color characteristics.  They can be thought of as describing the image as if the colors had been converted to blacks grays and whites Hue – it i