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Folks today i am going to say something about an output device called monitor.As maximum people know about monitors so i am going to write few things about monitor much of the information you know but i am going to say some few words hence please be with me.
Monitor is a primary output device.It displays all current process application and data i.e. Running inside a computer system.A standard monitor uses an analog vga interface, which plugs into a tp15 vga connector to a mother board.There are two types of monitor technology available to the market.
This monitor is fading in popularity but still in widespread use with older computer systems.It is analog standard monitor a crt uses a picture tube that was used in older tube based tv sets.
The narrow end of the picture tube contains an electron gun it emits 3 electron beams one each for red, green and blue light.The front end of the picture tube is coated with phosphorous.When the elecron hit the phosphorou…