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As we have seen in previous post that arithmetic computation is an important thing in calculation, if a person doesn’t know arithmetic computations,he will be doomed to be in trouble during calculations that happensin everyday life.So it is necessary to learn arithmetic computation.So in this post I am going to take one step further.I am going to write about octal and hexadecimal numbers.
Now let us discuss some arithmetic conversion.Let us see what is octal and hexadecimal numbers used by digital computer.
The conversion from and to binary, octal and hexadecimal plays an important part in digital computers.Since 23 = 8 and 24 = 16 each octal digit corresponds to three binary digits and each four binary digit corresponds to one hexadecimal digit.
The conversion of from binary to octal is easily accomplished by partitioning the binary into group of three digit each, starting from binary point and preceding to the left or to the right…


Folks today i am going to say something about an output device called monitor.As maximum people know about monitors so i am going to write few things about monitor much of the information you know but i am going to say some few words hence please be with me.
Monitor is a primary output device.It displays all current process application and data i.e. Running inside a computer system.A standard monitor uses an analog vga interface, which plugs into a tp15 vga connector to a mother board.There are two types of monitor technology available to the market.
This monitor is fading in popularity but still in widespread use with older computer systems.It is analog standard monitor a crt uses a picture tube that was used in older tube based tv sets.
The narrow end of the picture tube contains an electron gun it emits 3 electron beams one each for red, green and blue light.The front end of the picture tube is coated with phosphorous.When the elecron hit the phosphorou…


MOTHERBOARD AND ITS FORMS The largest and most important circuit board in the computer is the motherboard.This is also called as the main board or the system board.The motherboard contains a socket to hold the CPU; the cpu is the component which most processing takes place.

The motherboard is the most complicated piece of equipment inside the case because all devices must be communicates with the CPU installed on the motherboard.All devices in a computer are either installed directly on motherboard or indirectly linked it to by expansion cards.A device i.e. not installed in the motherboard is called a peripheral device.
Now we will discuss something about form factors of motherboard.
Form factor refers to the size and layout of motherboards.As we think not all motherboards are alike.In fact there is a significant difference in the capabilities and size of different motherboard form factors such as Mini –ITX and ATX.This topic covers motherboard size and format.
There are many differen…