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ALL ABOUT WINDOWS 8.1 There are three types of edition of windows 8.1.   They are made for different users of public.   Many use it for research work; many use it for business work.   I am going to write few things about different version of windows 8.1 or i say i will give introduction of editions of windows 8.1.   So let’s start We should select a device with the best mix of feature which can suit the users need according to the definition.   Also it is important to select the suitable version of windows 8.1 operating system.   Most of the vendors provide preinstalled operating systems with the device.   For example Microsoft surface pro comes preinstalled with a 64bit edition of windows 8.1 pro. Windows 8.1 –this edition of windows 8.1 contains only the key operating system features and runs application such as Microsoft office suit.   This is appropriate for home office environment and small business environment which requires a few simple features.   Also rememb


What is windows to go? Windows to go is an important deployment option in windows 8.1 and above.   Windows to go assist to deploy the windows 8.1 enterprise to a specialy prepared usb storage device and then use this usb storage to start any compatible computer.   when a windows to go device is started on a new computer, the boot process detects the computer hardware and installs appropriate drivers.   when the same windows to go to start a same computer, then windows to go starts normally automatically by loading the appropriate drivers.   It stores the hardware configurations of multiple computers. Windows to go restriction Windows to go functions in a way that is very similar to a traditional windows 8.1 desktop deployments, but with the following restrictions: ·          In the windows to go default setting sleep and hibernation is disabled.   The functionality can be enabled by configuring group policy but it can lead to data corruption. ·          As