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As we have seen in previous post that arithmetic computation is an important thing in calculation, if a person doesn’t know arithmetic computations,he will be doomed to be in trouble during calculations that happensin everyday life.So it is necessary to learn arithmetic computation.So in this post I am going to take one step further.I am going to write about octal and hexadecimal numbers.
Now let us discuss some arithmetic conversion.Let us see what is octal and hexadecimal numbers used by digital computer.
The conversion from and to binary, octal and hexadecimal plays an important part in digital computers.Since 23 = 8 and 24 = 16 each octal digit corresponds to three binary digits and each four binary digit corresponds to one hexadecimal digit.
The conversion of from binary to octal is easily accomplished by partitioning the binary into group of three digit each, starting from binary point and preceding to the left or to the right…


RAM PROPERTIES Friends in the last post i tried to explain the different types of ram as well as given the details of its similarities now i am going to show you how the properties of ram can be judged .
SINGLE SIDED VS DOUBLE SIDED DIMMS or DUAL INLINE MEMORY MODULE whatever you call are often referred to as single chip or double sided to describe whether the chips are located on one or both of the modules printed circuit board .
However these terms may cause confusion or distract you from the topic, as the physical layout of the chips does not necessarily relate to how they are logically organized or accessed in whatever terms you are told.
ERROR CORECTING CODE MEMORY (ECC MEMORY) An ERROR CORRECTING CODE (or ECC) whatever general public says could be akind of computer data storage which will detect and proper the more common types of internal data corruption in simple words with firmness and boldness.



RAM (random access memory) is a place in computing device where the operating system, application programs and data in current uses are kept .So they can be quickly reached by the device processor. Ram is much faster to read from and write to than other kinds of storage in a computer, such as hard disk drive (hdd) solid turned off.Ram loses its data when the computer is turned on again,the operating system and other files once again loaded into ram again.
Types of ram Ram can be classified into two types 1.Static ram 2.Dynamic ram
Static ram Static ram is a random access memory (ram) that retain its memory as long as power is being supplied or any new new input enters.Unlike dynamic ram, which stores bits in cellsconsisting of a capacitor and a transistor is in a latch circuit (flip flop).Sram does not have to periodically refreshed.Static ram provides faster access to data and is more expensive than dram.Sram is used for a computers cachememory and as part of the ram digit…