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SUBTRACTION IN COMPUTERS H OW DO COMPUTERS SUBTRACT IN ANY EQUATION? Computer is one of the best inventions in the whole world. Now in the era of electronics, computers are shrinking in the size.   The dream of having pocket computers which was shown in many Hollywood as well as many film industry is now a reality.  Many unimaginable discoveries and inventions are done with the help of computers. As in this age the   of semiconductors and embedded systems we are achieving what was a dream, about 60-70 years ago. Now to achieve such a dream, the hard-work and dedication needed was given by many scientists whose aim was to uplift the society.   Now if we want to invent something we need good hold on arithmetic computation.   This computation was understood and logically implemented by many scientists and engineers.   We use Complements   in digital computers for almost   simplifying the subtraction operation and for logical manipulations and computations.