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  HOW DO COMPUTER UNDERSTAND THE BINARY LOGIC?   As we have shown in the previous post  LANGUAGE THAT COMPUTER AS WELL AS HUMAN UNDERSTAND  I am going to dig deep of that topic in this post.  I will try to explain how computer understand the binary logic.   So lets begin.   I am going to write about binary logic, that most of the computer manufacturers and developers use.                  Binary logic deals with variables that take on two discrete values and with operations that assume logical meaning.   The two values the variables take may be called by different names (e.g. true and false, yes and no, etc.), but for our purpose it is convenient to think in terms of bits and assign the values of 1 and 0.     Binary logic is used to describe, in a mathematical way, the manipulation and processing of binary information.   It is particularly suited for the analysis and design of digital systems.   For example, the digital logical circuits of many circuits that perform binary


MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTER SCIENCE RELATIONSHIP. In today’s world mathematics is a must learned subject .   In all the inventions and discovery , the main reason for their success of the practical’s are due to mathematics.   So in order to make a career in today’s world require mathematics.   But this Is blog of computers science and information technology, then why should we read mathematics so it requires mathematics to understand the reason behind such technology.   So I am going to write something about mathematics for its uses and technology in the computer world. One of the main aims of logic is to provide rules by which one can determine whether any particular argument or reasoning is valid (correct) Logic is concerned with all kinds of reasoning whether they be legal arguments or mathematical proofs or conclusions in a scientific theory based upon a set of hypothesis.   Because of the diversity of their application these rules are called rules of inference,


GENERAL FEATURES OF WINDOWS 7 Every living being has some common general features that distinguish them among other living beings.   Features mean properties that uniquely identify   them from others.   This applies to living as well as non living things on earth.    I am going to show few of them. So let’s begin. We are going to discuss about some features of   Windows 7 ·               The New TaskBar – The taskbar is located at the bottom of the windows desktop.   By default when an application opens You will see its icon appear in the Taskbar.   However,   when the application is closed, the icon goes away.   For commonly accessed application, users can place a permanent icon on either the Taskbar or in the Start menu.   This is referred as “pinning”.   To pin a program to the task bar, once the application is open, right click its icon and select pin this   program on a taskbar.   If you want to rearrange the location at the taskbar just drag the item to the de