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As we have seen in previous post that arithmetic computation is an important thing in calculation, if a person doesn’t know arithmetic computations,he will be doomed to be in trouble during calculations that happensin everyday life.So it is necessary to learn arithmetic computation.So in this post I am going to take one step further.I am going to write about octal and hexadecimal numbers.
Now let us discuss some arithmetic conversion.Let us see what is octal and hexadecimal numbers used by digital computer.
The conversion from and to binary, octal and hexadecimal plays an important part in digital computers.Since 23 = 8 and 24 = 16 each octal digit corresponds to three binary digits and each four binary digit corresponds to one hexadecimal digit.
The conversion of from binary to octal is easily accomplished by partitioning the binary into group of three digit each, starting from binary point and preceding to the left or to the right…


PREPARATION AND HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS FOR WINDOWS 7. Today’sage is the age of computers.Computer literacy is a must to survive in this age.If you are not educated then this age will eat you.So I will teach you some advanced matters of the computers.So lets get started.
Decades together Windows operating system rules the computing world because of its user friendly look and feel in this topic I will teach you some hardware requirements and preparing materials of windows 7.
Microsoft windows 7 introduces advanced features that help users intuitively view , find and organize information on the computer but it will be shown in anotherpost.Windows 7 delivers good personal productivity and digital environment on this computer.
Now I am going to show you some hardware requirements of editions of windows 7.So lets get started.
Hardware Requirements
Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic editions require; ·1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or (x64)Processor ·512MB of system memory ·A 20-GB (x64) or 16-GB …