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 REGISTERS AND ITS USES IN COMPUTER WORLD. “In this life, all we have is memory! ” This exclamatory sentence is used by many film makers in their dialog.  So does it actually mean something to them?  Yes it definitely means everything to them and us.  That’s why they show them in their cinema (movie, film whatever you say).  Memories mean everything that is stored in our brain after we experience it and then use it as a lesson for life  or entertainment purpose. Humans as well as all living beings do that.  But our topic is  “WHAT ARE REGISTERS? WHY DO COMPUTERS NEED THEM?” So here we begin. The discrete elements of information in a digital computer must have a physical existence in some information storage medium.  Furthermore, when discrete elements  of information are represented in binary form, the information storage medium must contain binary storage elements for storing individual bits.   A binary cell is a device that possesses two stable states and is capable of storing one bi


EXPANSION SLOTS IN MOTHERBOARD  Friends today i am going to share my knowledge and understanding of the expansion slots. So lets begin with our topic. Expansion slots are used to provide additional properties for carrying the computation task such as additional video, audio and sound, advanced graphics and Ethernet.   So lets begin with our knowledge hunting. I will start by AGP expansion slots. AGP AGP stands for ACCELARATED GRAPHICS PORT.  AGP was introduced with high speed 3D graphics display in 1996.  It is used for older graphics card types which is discontinued by PCI EX16 graphics port in 2005.   These were kernel version of AGP most of the brand in 1.5 volt DC.  AGP 1x channel and 66MHZ clock speed resulting a data table of 266 MBPS.   AGP 2x, 4x ,8x specification multiply MHZ clock to produce increase throughput. AGP 8x produces effective clock frequency of 533 MHZ resulting a throughput of 2 GBPS (2133MHZ) resulting a throughput of over a 32 bit channel. PCI PCI  stands for P


PREPARATION AND HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS FOR WINDOWS 7 . Today’s   age is the age of computers.   Computer literacy is a must to survive in this age.   If you are not educated then this age will eat you.   So I will teach you some advanced matters of the computers.   So lets get started. Decades together Windows operating system rules the computing world because of its user friendly look and feel in this topic I will teach you some hardware requirements and preparing materials of windows 7. Microsoft windows 7 introduces advanced features that help users intuitively view , find and organize information on the computer but it will be shown in another   post.   Windows 7 delivers good personal productivity and digital environment on this computer. Now I am going to show you some hardware requirements of editions of windows 7.   So lets get started. Hardware Requirements Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic editions require; ·          1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or