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What is windows to go?
Windows to go is an important deployment option in windows 8.1 and above.Windows to go assist to deploy the windows 8.1 enterprise to a specialy prepared usb storage device and then use this usb storage to start any compatible computer.

when a windows to go device is started on a new computer, the boot process detects the computer hardware and installs appropriate drivers.
when the same windows to go to start a same computer, then windows to go starts normally automatically by loading the appropriate drivers.It stores the hardware configurations of multiple computers.
Windows to go restriction
Windows to go functions in a way that is very similar to a traditional windows 8.1 desktop deployments, but with the following restrictions: ·In the windows to go default setting sleep and hibernation is disabled.The functionality can be enabled by configuring group policy but it can lead to data corruption. ·As a security measure, fixed internal discs on the hosts computer are o…